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Theresa Carter

Theresa Carter Theresa Carter


Theresa Carter

Having met and photographed many VIP's and Celebrities, one standout quality amongst successful people is humility; being totally grounded and down to earth.

When Theresa made her booking at our studio for a Glamour Makeover shoot, we we're aware she was a 3 time World Champion until she rocked up with these massive belts! Now here's some bling bling that money can't buy.

I'm totally inspired by Theresa's achievements and am happy we have West Aussies doing us proud on the international stage. Theresa now helps other's achieve their dreams as a Personal Trainer at Bailey Fitness in Southern River.


Excerpts taken from interviews from :

International Kickboxer

How did you begin Muay Thai?

I tried Muay Thai when I was 17, with some friends, when Murray McKechnie was running his club from a hall next to my high school. I couldn’t afford the fees while I was still in school, so I went back when I was 19. I hadn’t been involved in sport for a couple of years and Muay Thai provided the fitness and flexibility to fit in with random late lectures at uni and weekends at work.

Was Muay Thai something you loved immediately or did your passion develop over time?

I loved Muay Thai straight away. I’ve taken several breaks from it over the years and tried to find another sport to dabble in but nothing compares. The passion for fighting is something that has developed over time and is still developing. I used to love training and the process of making it into the ring, but I would be nervous about the fight itself. Now I see fighting in a different way and look forward to hard fights.


Theresa Carter

Excerpts taken from interviews from :

Muay Thai on the Brain

What is your “day job” and how do you find combining your work and training schedules?

I work as a Clinical Nurse in a Burns Unit. I work night shift by choice as this allows me to work set shifts and create more of a routine with my training. I generally have the start of the week off and train harder at the start of the week. I do go to training before working a 10-hour night shift but I try to make these sessions lighter. I’ve recently completed an external course in personal training and next year I aim to ease out of nursing and move into PT which I’m very excited about.

If you had to pick one standout bout from your fight career which would you choose and why?

At each stage of my fight career I’ve had fights which I’m proud of. My main goal is to fight the way my trainer wants me to. I don’t believe Muay Thai is an individual sport—it’s a team effort and your pad holder works hard with you to get you ready for your fights. My trainer Olay Sakonpetch is very honest and a bit of a perfectionist, which are good qualities to have in a trainer. You’ll usually hear him say, “good fight, but…..” So I still believe my standout fight is yet to come!

What is the experience of fighting on the Kings Birthday like?

I have fought on the Kings Birthday four times now. When I go there to fight, I just train for a hard fight, knowing that anything can happen. I know I will always be given a tough opponent on this show. I actually prefer not knowing who the match-up is, because this way, neither opponent has the chance to study styles by watching fights online. It’s just a battle of skill and who can outsmart your opponent on the spot.


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